InvisiHosting was founded in order to provide anyone with $3 and an internet connection with the ability to communicate their ideas in a 100% anonymous fashion. We believe that for speech to truly be free, people must be able to say what they want without the fear of reprisal, be it actual violence, social stigmatization, loss of employment, or harassment.

InvisiHosting's dedication to anonymous free speech also means that under no circumstances will we censor content that is not in violation of the law (we love you guys, but we aren't going to do time for you). As long as you're not pushing SPAM, running a warez site or a torrent tracker, no matter how many angry "Take this site down" emails we get from people who aren't giving us money, your content stays up.

Hosting Information

Due to the uncertainty created by the potential passage of SOPA, InvisiHosting is not accepting further hosting signups at this time. Passage of SOPA would put InvisiHosting, and our customers, at risk, and would severly impact our ability to maintain our anonymity guarantees. Until the fate of this bill is certain, we do not believe it would be in our customers, both current and potential, to accept new subscriptions.

SOPA would eliminate the protections provided by both US federal law and the US Constitution to ISP's, including both the DMCA Safe-Harbor provision and the immunity from liability for customer-posted content included in the Communications Decency Act of 1996, putting ISP's and web hosts in the firing line for customer behavior. For some large web hosts, who have the budgets to support large teams of lawyers and content monitors, this won't be that big of a deal, but for small hosts like us, the costs of covering ourselves are just too high to remain in the hosting business.

SOPA isn't about stopping online piracy, it's about giving content producers, specifically Hollywood, more power than your average citizen, and weighting the scales in their favor. SOPA would make people guilty until they prove themselves innocent, with insanely high penalties for relatively minor offenses (claims of multi-gazillion dollar losses by Hollywood studios due to piracy are only treated as serious by politicians with large amounts of Hollywood money in their pockets).

There's bi-partisan support for SOPA, and President Obama will likely sign it if/when it passes both the House and Senate. If you're concerened, interested in fighting this attempt by Big Media to put a choke hold on the Internet, or just a believer in Free Speech, there are a few things you can do. Call your Congressman or Senator, write them a letter, or donate to and join The EFF.

If SOPA fails to pass, we will resume taking new subscriptions. We hope that's the case, because we know that if you're reading this, you probably need our services, and we've been where you are now. InvisiHosting takes great pride in being able to provide truly anonymous web hosting services to people across the globe, but we only feel comfortable doing so if we believe that we can maintain our promise to you.

Matthew Schiros
President, InvisiHosting

Other Features

In addition to the values above, all InvisiHosting plans come with the following features:

cPanel & WHM    PHP 5.2.x    Python 2.5    Perl 5.8.8    Unlimited Email Addresses    Unlimited Trouble Tickets    Horde Webmail    Squirrelmail    RoundCube    Encrypted POP/IMAP/SMTP Connections    SSH/SFTP/SCP    Subversion    CVS    Git    Unlimited Subdomains    Webalizer    $2 Static IP    $2.50 SSL    Nightly Backups   

Dedicated & Virtual Private Servers

If you or your organization have bandwidth, storage, security, control, or other needs that cannot be met by a standard shared hosting plan, InvisiHosting is happy to offer you either your own, dedicated server, or a Virtual Private Server environment. For more information, please contact us. The same anonymous, private service we provide to our shared hosting customers applies to Dedicated and VPS customers as well, of course.